Yesterday I posted briefly about my purpose in starting this blog.  But who am I anyway? And why should you read the words I post here?  Well, let’s rewind the tape a bit and I will tell you a bit more about me and why I think what I write is important…

First things first: I believe in a personal Creator who made the earth and everything in it – inlcuding us.  Respectively, I believe that this Creator desires to know us and be known.  This is usually where I lose people.  But I hope that you, dear reader, will hang with me!  Because I also truly believe that as humans we were created for so much more than the lives we so often succumb to.  If the concept of living for more than just survival speaks to something deep inside you, then don’t ignore it (and hey, while you’re not ignoring it, keep reading my posts!). I want you to tag along this journey of words with me!

Second things second: I’m Amber.  Yup, that’s right, just like the tree resin that forms into a yellowish-brown gem.  My parents must have sensed that I would grow up to have this innate connection to the earth (go Mike and Cindy – you’ll hear about those savages Later on).

Okay, so now you know my name and the foundation of my life.  That’s a pretty good start – we’re friends now, yeah?  Cool.

Next question: what’s with the title Counter the Culture? And why do I use verbiage like “aura” and “spiritual”?  It’s kinda weird.  Like, doesn’t that make me a hippie?  Maybe!  But I think that labels are limiting.  For instance, I hate it when people call my beliefs a “religion”.  I believe in God, not a set of rules and traditions.  But I digress. Back to the title for this blog…

We live in a culture where everyone clings to a cause.  Everyone wants to fit in, yet stand out as a distinctive individual.  Everyone wants respect without doling it out.  These are confusing times and I refuse to believe that I am the only one out there who sees it.  But I also refuse to sit around and complain about it or worse, succumb to it.

By nature, I am terribly stubborn…aaaand rebellious.  If there is a line, I instinctively think “But, what would happen if say, I did cross the line?” For years I was your typical rebel without a cause.  But let me tell you, that is an exhausting existence.  I’m still pretty defiant, but I have discovered that there are right and wrong things to stand defiantly on.  It is good to be stubborn when it is the right matter to be stubborn about.

It is good to counter the culture.

As I said earlier, there are so many inconsistencies in our cultural mindset.  I peer into lonely eyes defeated by struggle or apathy every day and it breaks my heart.  There is so much more to live for than mere survival.  Believe me, I too was once so immersed in The Walking Dead series that I often confused the show with reality.  But readers, we are not actually living in a world overrun by zombies.  We have the luxury of choosing to thrive in life, not just survive!  And for a purpose!  We were not created to simply breathe air in and out daily.  We were created with purpose, passion, creativity and a soul that longs to know our Creator.

I have created this blog to showcase not my own brilliance, but the brilliance of a benevolent Creator.  Now tell me that right there is not countering the culture?  The concept of God is a divisive one, there is no denying that.  Yet, my hope is that my words cause no offense, but rather curiosity.  C. S. Lewis said that merely the curiosity of there being something beyond us is proof that there is.  I would agree and even challenge you to consider his words.

I hope by now you have a better grasp of where I am coming from and where I wish to go with this blog.  And hopefully, you’ll join me on this journey of countering the culture by living out the life we were designed for!

Peace to you!

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