Symphony of the Woods

I’ve decided that along with my posts musing about the God-given purpose I believe each human is infused with, I’ll post my poetry too!  My poetry could either be better or so much worse than I think it is, but I won’t know until I get more eyes on them. So, here goes nothing!  First poem for the public…


Symphony of the Woods

Foot over root,

Soggy earth,

Cragged rock,

Mossy carpet.

Above me

Emerald leaves

Waving, dipping,

Ducking, bowing

From the breeze,

Soft, but domineering,

Unpredictable with

It’s shifting moods;

The rain too,

With it’s

Contrasting personality;

A pattern of

Consistent strikes

Against defenseless


Such abuse

Has never

Been lovely

In any other



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