Little Things

Little Things: things we unknowingly disregard as holding no purpose for us; things we simply take for granted; things we don’t prioritize, or unconsciously block out.  

By now, maybe you’ve gathered that I spend a lot of time noticing the Little Things in life, from tiny wildflowers, to the swirl of milk and coffee coming together in an iced latte!  

A college professor once commented that the power in my storytelling comes from my ability to notice these Little Things.  She said it was like I was looking out of a window on a rainy day, paying attention to a single raindrop running down the windowpane and then built a story around it.

 I have never before thought about my inclination towards details as a “power”, but the more I talk with people the more I have come to understand that details are pretty darn valuable.  00024A8A-0C5A-408F-AA5E-A469FE862C72

Not only are details valuable, but they are rarely pointed out or taken in.  As a culture, Americans are (generally, of course) consumed with the Big picture in life: obtaining impressive, wordy, double-major degrees, landing dream jobs, purchasing a Pinterest-worthy home, etc. You see where I am going, yeah?

So why am I droning on about being detail-oriented?  Obviously because I believe that being so is superior.  

Just kidding, we all have different but equally God-given strengths!  

I’m glad you asked though!

We’ve all heard the saying “Stop and smell the roses” so many times that it has become an annoying cliche (I completely understand as I also loathe cliches).  BUT. As with all cliches, it originated from a universal truth: slowing down enough to notice the free pleasures of life is a worthy pursuit. Believe it or not, life does indeed offer free and beautiful gifts to humanity each and every day!  

Now that I have spewed sunshine and rainbows out of every pore in my body, I will address the cynics in our midst.  Before I go any further let me just say this: cynics get a bad rap and this portion of my blog is NOT dedicated to cynic-hating!  I also think it is vital to mention that cynicism does not come tripping forth out of a vacuum. While I truly believe that the earth was created in such a way as to be life-giving, I also recognize that life doles some heavy freakin’  blows. To everyone. It does not matter how optimistic one may be, no one slides through life unscathed. Every person on earth becomes jaded at some point in life. It may hit some people harder and/or last longer; some people may never make it through the Jaded Phase of life and succumb to bitterness.  I myself am not immune to hardship – I understand where you are coming from, cynics!

Yet, I still firmly believe that God offers joy, peace, contentment, fulfillment, and healing to all.  But none of those gifts can be forced upon us. I once dated someone who bought me many material gifts that I did not ask for, yet withheld the emotional care that I longed for.  Those things did not feel like gifts, nor did they bring me any genuinely positive emotion.

God is not materialistic; He does not operate like an emotionally-manipulative boyfriend.  He does however present everyone on earth daily with the free gift of eternal hope. Not only that, but He offers us all of these smaller blessings as well! He hangs the black velvet sky with clusters upon clusters of diamonds, nightly; bejewels the fields with bright and happy wildflowers; breathes out lullabies on the breeze, tree branches clapping along in excitement.  And those are just things we can perceive with our senses! God has designed the earth to give humanity everything they could need to be healthy as well (we’ll talk more about that in later blogs though!).

So what am I actually saying with all of this?

I’m saying that as a culture, we need to start slowing down enough to smell the freakin’ roses.  There will always be reasons in this life to be sad, angry, disheartened, and afraid. But there are also many, many things to celebrate.   The first and most important step that you can take is choosing to look; train yourself to look for the gems lying around you. 

Life is joy, you just gotta pay attention.

Until next time, peace to you!


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