Something New

Confession: I am an abstract thinker.

Maybe you can relate!

In my experience, this abstract personality  means that I have loads of creativity (if I don’t say so myself) and loads of energy (check out my Instagram, I hike a lot).  But for all of that creativity and energy floating around in my body and brain, there is not a natural reserve of focus.  Channeling my creativity is an ever-constant journey of growth for me.  Sometimes I win, other times (many times) I lose.  But isn’t that all part of the fun in life?  Figuring out new ways to do life better?


Well, today I have had an epiphany! In order to keep my writing more organized, I have decided to try writing series as opposed to random, lengthy posts.  Doesn’t that sound exciting?!

I have thought a lot about the value of experience in life.  Experiences are like individual photographs.  If you were to string up photographs from your life together on a wall, would they depict a meaningful life?  Or would they simply be random snapshots that don’t make sense together?

Experience is incredibly valuable.  But what gives them value is the way they fit into your life as a whole.  I recently have begun using this metaphor to frame my own life.  Is what I am about to endeavor fit in with the rest of how I am called to live?  If not, I put away the camera and save the film!

So, it’s the same with writing!  I want what I say to be meaningful, but often I end up saying too much, or even the wrong thing altogether.  In order to iron some of those faulty habits out, I will start segmenting my posts!  I will choose one topic and write however many posts it takes to work through it.  Once I feel I have sufficiently covered said topic, I will move onto the next!

The concept of a “series” is pretty self-explanatory, yeah?

Perhaps I will never gain a large following for this blog.  But I do not write for ego, or even to hear myself talk ( at least not always).  No, I write because I believe in what I am writing about.  And that is enough to fuel my writing.

So, keep reading!  Fist series to start soon!

Until next time, peace to you!




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