To Be Enchanted

Hey all! Here’s another poem embracing the beauty of creation!  Enjoy!


To Be Enchanted

Emerald mosaic against a slate backdrop,

Shutes of unruly grass saturated in liquid

Forming translucent beads of

Excess life-giving water

That balance delicately, stubbornly

Atop these happy sprigs

Only to burn out by noonday.

Rays of gold which stream through

Puzzles of greenery;

Swaths of damp, earthy fragrance;

Clacking arms made of rough skin

But magnificent splays of neon fungi

Flare up, sprawling, across

Decaying logs littering the floor,

Pretending they are important tunnels

Connecting to vast other lands.


Mushroom steps winding up, up but

Never leading anywhere new;

Streams giggle and gossip

Accenting the continual

Cacophony of sound.

Birds serenading the trees,

And moss, and rocks, and sky.


The trees rejoicing in response

Arms lifted high,

Leaves tittering with anticipation

For the crescendo that

Sails upon the wind,

Ebbing and flowing

According to it’s shifting moods.


Not loud, a notch above a whisper,

Yet an explosion that crescendo brings

To the ears that will listen.

For to listen to the song of the woods is

To be enchanted.


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