Rainy Days Are For Seizing!

Hi all!  How is everybody fairing in all of this precipitation??

I for one, love the rain!  But even I am starting to feel a little soggy.  Especially after the epic camping trip my friend and I took this weekend.  We decided that October 26th (weather expected to produce high winds and rain, and possibly even snow) would be the perfect weekend for camping!  And it was a surreal experience, no doubt.  But long story short, I am pretty ready to just be and stay DRY for a few days.

Most people I have talked to are not fans of the rain.  So, I thought since we have been discussing the importance of contentment, I would share an excerpt I wrote about a rainy day.  Perhaps this little snapshot will shed some sunlight on your soggy souls and inspire you to seize these rainy days!


Rainy Days Are For Seizing


 I let the surface of my skin sink into the windowpane.  

Rain pelts the glass.  It is a most gratifying sound.  I draw my hand up to the widow as well, drumming my fingers on the cool glass, silently training them to mimic the beat of the rain.

What’s out there?  And what am I looking for?

As if to answer my question, the rain drills harder through the air into the already-soaked earth.  I squint, trying desperately to see through the precipitation, between it, within it. As if one of these droplets of water harbors a message for me personally.

Before recognizing the urge itself, I find my fingers so recently drumming out an orchestra, now wrapped around the door handle.

The handle turns!

The door swings open in all of the grandeur it has earned in its old age – a metallic screech of rusty hinges.  It slams back into place behind me while I run forward.

The sensation of cold wet concrete shocks my feet when they hit the steps running down off the porch.  Just as quickly, concrete is replaced by grass. Grass, wet and slippery, that momentarily warms under my feet. That is, until these feet again float upward and forward, bounding down the hill.


Stay dry, all!





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