Make Sure You Read Between the Series!

Before we roll into a new series (I know you’re all just frothing at the mouth to know what that will be), I have an announcement!

It’s a small one, so take a deep breathe!

(Not really, it’s actually pretty significant becasue 1) all of my announcements are significant, and 2) because it has to do with real, live people that I know personally!  In other words, keep your ears perked!)cb00685e-ddbd-4b8a-bc6c-63730a01e2d2.jpeg

Between series I have decided to write a post featuring someone who has significantly impacted my life.  I have met so many diverse souls in my short time on earth thus far and what else would I do but write about them?

Some things to keep in mind while reading these Featured Posts…

These posts will be just a snapshot of the featured individual.  I believe that each person is created by God, and because of that fact alone, hold intrinsic value.  No matter how close or far this person and I may stand on the spectrum of likeness, they are a created being and I count it a privilege to have encountered them.

So try to read my Featured Posts with that mindset!  Read them not merely as an entertaining anecdote, but as if they are a biography of a fellow human being.  Because well, they are.

I hope that you derive much joy from “meeting” the individuals I feature, as I certainly look forward to introducing them to you!

With that said, stay tuned for the next post where you’ll meet the one, the only – Kelsinator!

Peace to you!

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